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Body to Body Massage Sydney

"At RPM Sydney, we serve delicious erotic massages that guests will want to return to week after week."

Body to Body Massage Sydney

RPM Sydney provide this exclusive, intimate type of body to body massage, its relatively new, in comparison to all the other styles, as it is performed on a custom made massage table so you can fully expand your  body to the maximum pleasure, lying down is very relaxing and allows body to body to be connecting with both fully naked.

What can you expect? A beautiful nude girl of your choice, that you can choose from our gallery, she will prepare everything soft music, low lights, candles, and the warm oil is so nourishing, emotionally and physically next to your skin. As she smoothers the warm oil all over your skin, you will be feeling relaxed and super pampered from everywhere!

Now just lie back and imagine her long flowing hair, and silky smooth soft skin, next to yours, her feminine body in full nakedness, of course you are naked too as she performs her rhythmic movements as she stimulates all the nerve endings, warm lush sexy feelings start to arouse you, this is so exciting! – you will wish you came earlier for this – the fun is just beginning!

At RPM Sydney Body to body massage is performed on a custom made massage table, soft and durable, which gives more comfort and flexibility to enjoy this new style of intimate sensual massages, by using unscented and warm oil,  for your convenience, with a seductive masseuse who can manoeuvre her body in a most provocative, and fun way! Sensually arousing every cell in your body! this is the ultimate in body to body Sydney experiences!

Our qualified RPM Sydney masseuses have the knowledge and experience to give pleasure, arouse you and satisfy your sexual fantasies and desires, it is always polite to ask how to touch or massage the masseuse, with respect everyone has their preferences and boundaries. Remember to have fun in your life as it makes us happy, relaxed and calmer!

Benefits of Body to Body Massage

Relaxation, Improvement of Circulation, as it helps to clear toxins out of our system, which is great for health and longevity.

Reduction of stress and lowers the blood pressure, can even save your life, by keeping a regular massage routine, it regulates not only the stress factors but balances hormones, stimulates sexual function, apart from been exhilarating and great fun!

Other Body to body massage benefits are improvement of circulation in your body, although you wouldn’t quite think of it in that way, it is a very profound and healing therapy, as blood flow and movement of fluids includes lymph, by removing toxic waste it improves our wellbeing, a real tonic, and expels bad energy mentally and physically. By the removal of toxins our body functions are much improved, and tiredness is alleviated, energy is refreshed, you will be amazed how the power and fantastic qualities that massage in general has to offer.

Body to body massage is one of our most popular warm oil massages we specialise, right here in Sydney, we are very friendly, warm and engaging ladies, from different nations, including European, Chinese, Hungarian, French girls are very experienced teasing hands expert, we have other therapists from different nations, including English masseuses,  will take you on a journey, to heavenly space of peace, bliss, relaxation and superb exhilarating fun! please call in the daytime to book a time that suits you and  even if you want evening time please call as early in the time as possible as some of our very popular girls can get booked up very quickly!

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