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Lesbian Massage Sydney

"At RPM Sydney, we serve delicious erotic massages that guests will want to return to week after week."

Lesbian Massage Sydney

Enjoy a lesbian massage in Sydney with RPM Sydney in Rushcutters Bay only minutes away from Kings Cross, We have masseuses who specialise in women yoni, sensual massage and tantric massage for women. Incalls in Rushcutters Bay, or Visiting service to you. (02) 9357 6145 for booking.

Lesbian massage in Sydney, is available from some of our specialist girls who specialise in sensual massages from female to female.. We can offer you this type of sexy massage on a one to one basis, or as a couple therapy session.

What to Expect From A Lesbian Massage in Sydney?

RPM Sydney women masseuses adjust the sequence to go with your needs, wants and desires, if you don’t want yoni massage but just want to experience a pure tantric massage or sensual massage introduction to the finest touch, your welcome to book one of the specialist girls who knows and has lots of experience to make you feel at ease, and the touches can be feels right for you. We are sensitive to your needs and will work in harmony with your desires.

Ready To Book Lesbian Massage in Sydney?

Want someone to visit you to your home or hotel? Yes we can do either or you can visit one of our masseuses in their private apartment. Choice of styles there’s Sensual Tantric with yoni massage this is the sanskrit word for vagina, in the ancient Indian language. The yoni is the most sacred part of a woman and has a lot of hidden emotions  that can be relieved and giving pleasure is one of our secrets, how we touch you is a real art form, by some girls who really do Ladies specially and know how sensitive a woman can be.

Other Lesbian Massage styles on offer is Nuru massage which is a form of body sliding one to one naked, of course your naked too! wow! this one is really exciting even can be wild, the wet gel or slippery oil whichever you prefer, will send thrilling sensations all over to make you feel amazingly alive and bursting with euphoria!

RPM Sydney are open to some suggestions, feel free to call me for any questions you may have.

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